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Alchemy - most bang for the buck!

Alchemy - most bang for the buck!

Den nye Alchemy serien er designet av Elac, og er nok et bevis på at flere teknologier og utviklingsmiljøer som jobber sammen kan gi ytterligere fremskritt til et navn som allerede er kjent for å levere ytelse og byggkvalitet som langt overstiger prisen.
Alchemy-serien fra Elac etablerer en ny verdi-standard innen separate high-end komponenter.

But with ELAC’s Alchemy Series Electronics, I don’t look at them as budget components that perform well. I see them strictly as high-performance audio gear that I would be perfectly happy owning! Highly recommended!
– Hometheaterhifi

".. the DDP-2 may just be the best value in front-end electronics on the market today" - Enjoythemusic
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Elac Alchemy DDP-2, forforsterker / DAC

ELAC Alchemy DDP-2 er en forforsterker med DAC og Streamer. Et helt nytt produkt som kombinerer tre komponenter i ett kabinett. En høy-kvalitets DAC, forforsterker og en digital streamer av ELACs designteam ledet av den legendariske designer Peter Madnick.

Elac Alchemy DPA-2, effektforsterker

ELAC Alchemy DPA-2 effektforsterker handler om dynamisk musikalitet, mye takket være et design som kombinerer ren klasse-A drift sammen med diskrete FET (field-effect transistors).

Elac Alchemy PPA-2, forforsterker / RIAA

ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 er en helt ny MM-MC phono forforsterker fra ELAC´s designteam – ledet av den legendariske designeren Peter Madnick. Et produkt med ytelse langt over hva prisnivået forteller.



The Alchemy DPA-2 Power Amplifier is about dynamic musicality, thanks to design that combines Class A circuit topology composed of discrete FETs and a linear power supply using a toroidal transformer. The pure analog input stage preserves all the detail and nuance of the most delicate passages. The Class D output stage with switching power supply results in impressive output combined with cool-running efficiency.


The Alchemy PPA-2 is a full-featured phono preamp that uses all analog, discrete FET gain and EQ stages to transform microscopic grooves in vinyl into stunningly lifelike music. The PPA-2 can be tailored to specific cartridge requirements, with switchable gain for each channel, MC cartridge loading, and stereo or mono operation. A selection of RCA or XLR inputs and outputs adds even more flexibility to the most versatile phono preamp in its class.


The Alchemy DDP-2 combines three components in one elegant piece of gear to give you the highest-quality digital-to- analog converter, preamp and digital streamer we know how to make. Then we combined it in a single chassis only 1U (1.75 inches) high. The preamplifier offers maximum flexibility, while incorporating DAC and streaming functions to make the DDP-2 the centrepiece of your digital system.