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iPort LAUNCH Case sort, til iPad 9.7"

Produktnummer: 10301314

inkl. mva.

Så snart LAUNCH Case monteres på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading. LAUNCH Case gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere.
Kompatible iPad modeller: iPad 9.7-inch Air 1 | 2 | iPad Pro 9.7-inch | iPad 9.7-inch (5th gen) | iPad 9.7-inch (6th gen)

IPORT LAUNCH is a wireless charging system for iPad designed to hold, charge and protect iPad on a table, wall or in a vehicle. LAUNCH Case grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras, and speakers with the durability of withstanding drops up to 6 ft. Magnets enable the case to be mounted to any of the LAUNCH stations or any metallic surface in portrait or landscape orientations. There are two types of charging stations, the LAUNCH BaseStation, which charges iPad on a table top, and the LAUNCH WallStation, which securely mounts iPad on a wall or solid surface. As soon as the Case is mounted to a Station, inductive charging begins immediately, without wires or cables.

iPort LAUNCH WallStation, sort

Iport Launch Wallstation lar deg dokke og lade iPad på en vegg ved hjelp av magneter og trådløs lading.
(iPad-case kreves og selges separat)

iPort LaunchPort Security Pack

The Security Pack provides a way to either temporarily or permanently tether your iPad-in-Sleeve to a fixture. Ideal for public or retail environments.

LaunchPort BASESTATION, sort

Launchport basestasjon. Så snart LAUNCH case er forankret magnetisk til BaseStation, begynner lading umiddelbart, uten ledninger eller kabler.

iPort LUXE Case sort, til iPad 10.2" & 10.5"

LUXE Case er et tynt symmetrisk kabinett av aluminium som beskytter iPad og gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere. Når Case settes på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading umiddelbart.
Kompatible iPad modeller: iPad 10.2-inch (8th gen) | iPad 10.2-inch (7th gen) | iPad Pro 10.5-inch | iPad Air 10.5 inch (3rd gen)

iPort LUXE Wallstation, sort

LUXE WallStation conductively charges the iPad and allows iPad to be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort Surface Mount Bezel sort,  til iPad Pro 9.7"

Passer til: iPad 9,7 (Air 1 og 2) * iPad 9,7 (5. og 6.gen) * iPad Pro 9,7