ELAC Adante mottar ovasjoner

ELAC Adante serien testes i flere og flere HiFi tidsskrifter og samtlige skriver meget positive omtaler- EISA kåret den til Årets Høyttaler, og SoundAndVison skriver i siste nummer.

The AS-61s’ sound impressed me immediately. With good source material their top end was neutral—neither rounded off nor overcooked. Sibilants were clearly defined but unexaggerated (or at least as natural as close-miked vocalists can be). Lightly brushed cymbals, delicate finger sounds on guitars, the sheen of stringed instruments, and a singer’s preparatory breath intake at the beginning of a vocal track were all beautifully captured. The imaging was solid, and the sense of depth (when present in the recording) was satisfying.
– SoundandVision

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