ELAC – Igjen og igjen

ELAC sin Navis serie har ikke vært lenge på markedet, men har allerede mottatt meget gode omtaler overalt hvor den har blitt testet. Sist ut er EISA som kårer ARB-51 til «Best Product 2019-2020».
Dette er juryens begrunnelse:

Part of a new, two-strong active speaker range from ELAC – there’s also the larger floorstanding ARF-51 – this bookshelf design combines custom drivers and an analogue crossover design all perfectly integrated with inbuilt amplification to give a sound of remarkable precision and clarity. By dedicating one amplifier to each driver – the tweeter and midrange are mounted concentrically for enhanced focus – ELAC ensures each is driven to the best of its capabilities. Connect the speakers to a preamplifier via RCA or XLR cables, and you have a complete, optimised system. You can even connect the speakers wirelessly using a choice of ELAC AirX2 hubs. Brilliant!

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