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Episode ES-ROCK-SUB-8-SAN,utendørs steinhøyttaler i beige

Produktnummer: 10341404

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This Episode® Rock Subwoofer offers remarkable value and enhanced performance to sound better than the competition, at a better price. Their premium components include a polypropylene cone, high-temperature voice coil, and Nomex Spider. Our Rock Subwoofer brings the bass, making for a great outdoor solution when combined with our full line of Rock Speakers.



Improved All-Weather Design: Our rock speakers are stronger than ever before in the face of harsh weather. The latest design is IPX5-rated and prevents water ingress, keeping your equipment safe in wet conditions. No matter the outdoor environment, our all-weather rock speakers will withstand the elements.

Rock Shell: The enclosure is built of an unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass and talc powder compound to blend in with your outdoor environment for a discreet and realistic-looking rock.

Audio Quality: This all-weather Rock Subwoofer features an 8" Woven Fiberglass Sandwich cone, Nomex Spider and high-temperature voice coil. Optimized for outstanding audio performance, this subwoofer delivers realistic bass with a punch unmatched by the competition.

Weather-Resistant: Every component of our speakers, from the woofer cone to the glue itself, is temperature and weather-resistant. That even expands to our UV-treated cabinet, stainless steel hardware, and aluminum grille.

Dual Voice Coil Design: A high excursion DVC woofer means this sub can be wired in stereo to achieve a stellar 2.1 system, without needing to power it off a discrete amplifier channel. Use this sub for a number of outdoor applications, like bringing bass to a pair of single voice coil rock speakers or a pair of surface mount speakers.