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Triad Speakers InRoom Bronze SlimSub, stk

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InRoom Bronze SlimSub. Triad’s newest InRoom powered subwoofer solution allows you to integrate full bass into your system with minimal floor space.

The InRoom Bronze SlimSub standing upright looks smart and at just 4.3 inches deep takes up almost no floor space. Or you can hide it face down under a bed or couch with just 5.1 inches of height clearance. The enclosure can be made to further blend into your environment with Triad’s exclusive paint matching program…we perfectly match your speakers to your wall color with the sample you provide. Unlike most small subwoofers, the InRoom Bronze SlimSub is a real performer.

One SlimSub provides great bass for music or smaller scale A/V systems and a second sub enclosure can be paired for additional output. You can have great performance right out of the box in nearly any room. You’ll see why the SlimSubs are one of Triad’s biggest sellers! Triad has a custom subwoofer solution for virtually every application, with great performance as well as seamless integration into your decor.


  • Compact Design.
  • Black cloth grill.


  • Fully engineered, Premium MDF enclosure.
  • Included hardware allows for downfiring and upright mounting.
  • Acoustic Suspension.


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