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Sonance LS6T SAT/LS12T SUB - 6.1 kit med effektforsterker

Produktnummer: 10303239

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6 - LS6T SAT 6.5" 2 way satellite SLS 70V / 8 Ohm Sonance, 1 - LS12T SUB 12" Vertcal Sub SLS 70V / 8Ohm W/ SONAMP DSP 2-750 MKII

Sonance Landscape Series LS6T SAT systems configured for 70V settings allow for greater area coverage with the greatest output. These robust 6 1/2" driver speakers produce outstanding detail at any volume with smooth bass. As the in-ground subwoofer 12" emanates throughout the space, it supports the system's low frequencies creating a perfect balance of detail and punch. Each system includes a Sonamp DSP 2-750 MKII 70V amplifier with custom DSP settings to optimize the system for any outdoor space.


Satellite Speakers: (6) LS6T SAT 6 1/2" satellite speakers with Sonance Laminated Core Transformer and adjustable tap
Subwoofers:   (1) LS12T SUB 12" in-ground subwoofer with Sonance Laminated Core Transformer and adjustable tap
Amplification:  (1) Sonamp DSP 2-750 Amplifier