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Triad Spekaers Mini FlexSub W Style Grill, innbyggings subwoofer med RackAmp

Produktnummer: 10300903

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Mini FlexSub W Style Grill with with RackAmp 700 DSP (8-ohm woofer enclosures)

Bundle includes:

  • Qty. 1 Mini FlexSub W style InWall grill
  • Qty. 1  RackAmp 700 DSP

Triad’s new FlexSub line allows you to add bass to an audio system with the very least amount of visual impact. We named them “FlexSub” because of their installation flexibility. The Mini FlexSub is a version of Triad’s Mini Sub that has been configured to install behind a ceiling, cabinet toekick, baseboard, wall, or crawl space. The bass is channeled through a damped, coiled, expandable, flexible tube that terminates with one of two grills; a very small standard Triad grill, or a Vent Outlet. If you have access to your attic, basement, crawl space, or the back of a cabinet, the Mini FlexSub enclosure mounts in a hidden area, and all that is seen is a very small grill or vent, which we can paint match for you. All parts and hardware are included.

The Mini FlexSub comes with a high-performance 8″ subwoofer driver. The amplifier installs with the rest of your electronics for your convenience. Where more bass is desired, multiple Mini FlexSubs may be used, and they’ll be virtually invisible. With no big, black boxes on the floor or huge grills in the walls, you can now have great bass in any room without having any impact on your decor!


  • Compact Design.
  • Triad AcoustiPerf Frameless Metal Grill or compact Toe-kick style vent grill design.
  • Amplifier: Rack (1 space) mountable 700 watt DSP RackAmp.
    • Compact & efficient – Only 14-1/4” deep; Rack friendly (ears included).
    • EnergyStar compliant & energy efficient.
    • Five user selectable Preset Modes. (Normal, Cinema, Night, User 1, User 2, User 3).
    • Intuitive Menus.
    • Changes are dynamic (hear them in real time) & auto saved.
    • In addition to common menu functions, Installer Setup Menu offers:
    • Slope adjustments for all filters at 12, 24, & 48 dB/Octave.
      • Multiple Power On Methods:
        • 5V – 20V Trigger
        • IR with discrete controls
        • Sense
        • Sense On Threshold
        • Sense Off in Minutes
      • Optimize multiple subs for best performance
        • Delay time aligns subs together for better impact


  • Fully engineered, Premium MDF enclosure.
  • Acoustic Suspension.
  • Powered subwoofer.


  • Triad’s Basic & Custom Finishes are available for this product. The standard finish for this product is White paint. For any other colors, please refer to Triad’s Custom Match Finish program for this product. The paint we use is a top quality enamel and is applied with a light pebble finish.
  • Since all computer monitors and their colors vary, the digital color you see here will be different from the actual product finish.


Rack-Amp Amplifier 700W
Frequency response 20 - 200Hz
Woofer type Long-excursion coated paper
Woofer size (1) 8"
Cabinet Specification  
Height 27.3  cm
Width 27.3 cm
Depth 20.8 cm
Vent-style grill hole cutout (H × W) (7 × 34 cm)
W-style grill hole cut out (H × W) (18.6 × 18.6 cm)
Vent-style frameless grill dimensions (H × W) (7.9 × 31 cm)
W-style frameless grill dimensions (H × W) (21.6 × 21.6 cm)
Weight 18.6 kg


Triad Speakers Mini FlexSub Vent Style Grill, innbyggings subwoofer med RackAmp

Mini FlexSub Vent Style Grill with RackAmp 700 DSP (8-ohm woofer enclosure)

Triad Speakers Silver FlexSub S Style Grill, innbyggings subwoofer med RackAmp

Silver FlexSub S Style Grill w/RackAmp 700 DSP (4-ohm woofer enclosure)