Kimber Kable Axios USB kabel

..established the widest,
most detailed soundstage
I've yet heard from a
USB cable


Kimber har benyttet materiale og design fra både Axios USB-kabel og de eldre versjonene av Kimber Select Line (KS2416, KS2426, & 2436) under utvikling av nye USB kabler som overgår de forrige både i ytelsen og finsh.
Kimber USB har nå forbedret – / + datapar med PTFE-dielektrikum (teflon) med lav tetthet.
Kobberversjonen (Cu) vil bruke sølvbelagt kobber og HB og AG-modeller vil bruke data med rent sølv.
Kobber- og HB-modeller bruker kobberledere for 5v DC, mens AG-modellen bruker røde sølvledere for 5V DC.
Med denne nye designen vil kablene fungere feilfri selv i 6 meters lengder. Kabler vil være tilgjengelige fra 0,5 meter opp til 6 meters lengder.

.. established the widest, most detailed soundstage I’ve yet heard from a USB cable





Omtaler av Kimber Kable

First, it’s extremely good at soundstage resolution, presenting a large, open, and particularly deep image on all kinds of music.

Signalkabel D60
“the Kimber D60 is a beautifully made cable that effortlessly conveys the digital signal from my CD to an external DAC and is one to consider if you’re looking for a premium-quality digital interconnect”.
– Recommended Product HiFiChoice 2014

Høyttalerkabel 12TC
“Loudspeaker Cable and Interconnect of the year”
– the absolute sound 2010

Høyttalerkabel K6068
“Storslagen ro. Denne dyreste kreasjonen fra Ray Kimber er varm, avslappet og storslagen, men samtid også intenst emosjonell når musikken krever det.”
-Fidelity 2010

Høyttalerkabel K3033
“As a music lover, I want these cables, as a reviewer, I need them.”
-Karl Lozier, The Audiophile Voice, Volume 5, Issue 4

Høyttalerkabel K3035
“The KS3035 cables clearly presented the music with more air, a fully holographic soundstage, and a sense of timbral accuracy that was uncanny”.
“The difference was apparent to me immediately and to visiting listeners…”
-Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide, Volume 18, #4

Høyttalerkabel K3038
The KS3038 is comprised entirely of our finest silver. Our unique construction combines ESD yarn and fine silver conductors around the X38R core material in a constrainded matrix geometry. As a result of this advanced technology, the KS3038 delivers dynamics, focus and harmonics like no other speaker cable.

Høyttalerkabel K1030
“It is the finest sounding interconnect cable that I have ever heard in my own system”.
– Karl Lozier, Enjoy The, September 2003

Høyttalerkabel K1021
“…most sonically beautiful interconnects I’ve used”…
– Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, December 2001/January 2002. Issue 133

Høyttalerkabel K1121
“The KS1121 digs deep into the details and renders important
textures with impressive resolution. Bass articulation and weight provide for and involving listen while the full and accurate spectral balance and freedom from grain keeps you coming back for more.”

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