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Sonance LS4T SAT/LS12T SUB - 8.1 SYSTEM med 1 x SONAMP DSP 2-750 MKII

Produktnummer: 10340574

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LS4T SAT/LS12T SUB - 8.1 SYSTEM includes 8 LS4T SAT satellite speakers and one in-ground LS12T SUB subwoofer all powered from a single SONAMP DSP 2-750 MKII.

Sonance Landscape Series LS4T SAT systems configured for 70V settings allow for greater area coverage with a discreet footprint. These 4" speakers produce outstanding detail at any volume with smooth bass. As the in-ground subwoofer (12") emanates throughout the space, it supports the system's low frequencies creating a perfect balance of detail and punch. Each system includes a Sonamp DSP 2-750 MKII 70V amplifier with custom DSP settings to optimize the system for any outdoor space.

Sonance GARDEN 8.1 system med effektforsterker

Sonance Garden Series borrows performance design elements from the industry-leading Sonance Landscape Series products and creates a smaller scale system ideal for outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet.

Sonance LS6T SAT/LS12T SUB - 6.1 kit med effektforsterker

6 - LS6T SAT 6.5" 2 way satellite SLS 70V / 8 Ohm Sonance, 1 - LS12T SUB 12" Vertcal Sub SLS 70V / 8Ohm W/ SONAMP DSP 2-750 MKII

Sonance OMNI-6T, stk

Sonance OMNI-6T er en rundstråle utendørs høyttaler som gir full 360-graders lyddekning.

Sonance PATIO series 4.1 kit inkludert effektforsterker

Sonance Patio Series 4.1 Speaker System includes 4 satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer all powered from a single Sonance DSP amplifier.