Elac’s Uni-Fi Slim FS U5 is a terrific loudspeaker.
Slik begynner Soundstage! sin test av ELAC Uni-Fi Slim F5 U5 gulvstående høyttaler. Soundstage har gjort en grundig test av høyttalerne, og skriver i sin konklusjon omtrent det samme som alle de testene som finnes. En helt enestående høyttaler sett i forhold til pris.

What makes it so special is its comprehensiveness as a package. Its three-way design leverages the benefits of a coaxial tweeter-midrange array to produce vivid stereo imaging and alluring magic through the midrange. Andrew Jones’s voicing of the all-important mids is commendable — voices sounded rich and lifelike yet highly detailed, while instrumental tonality was accurate without turning hard or zingy.

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