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Triad OnWall Micro LCR 2.0, 3" passiv 2.0 lydplanke i sort, opp til 40"

Produktnummer: 10302218

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Triad Speakers lydplanke opp til 40".

The new OnWall MicroSat 2.0 features two of our MicroSat 1.0’s integrated into an attractive, compact onwall package. It is a huge upgrade over the speakers that came with your flat panel TV, offering clarity and higher output, and at a very reasonable price. When used with a modest receiver, they greatly enhance your television experience.

The OnWall MicroSat 2.0 is ideally configured horizontally. By omitting the center channel, the new 2.0 works well with televisions with displays 55″ or less. The OnWall MicroSat 2.0 comes with brackets and a template to mount the speaker to the wall. If you wish, you can order the OnWall MicroSat 2.0 in a custom size to perfectly match your video display. Custom paint matching is also available. While the OnWall MicroSat sounds great when used by itself, simply adding one of our value-priced OmniSubs (or any of our InWall or InCeiling subwoofers) and a pair of our Surround or InCeiling round offerings make for a great small-room home theater experience.


  • Compact Design
  • Custom lengths available
  • Triad AcoustiPerf metal grill
  • Easy-Mount Installation


  • Fully engineered, Premium MDF enclosure
  • Acoustic Suspension
  • 2-way design


  • Triad’s Basic, Real Wood Veneer & Custom Finishes are available for this product. The standard finish for this product is Black paint. For any other colors, please refer to Triad’s Custom Match Finish program for this product. The paint we use is a top quality enamel and is applied with a light pebble finish. The veneer finishes are made from real wood and coated with an enamel clear coat.
  • All Triad veneers are real hardwood species. Some of the specialty species are subject to long lead times. We cannot guarantee the availability at time of order, please call for confirmation. Since all computer monitors and their colors vary, the digital color you see here will be different from the actual product finish.


Recommended amplifier 25 - 75 Watt
Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 85 dB
Frequency response 128 - 20kHz
Tweeter type Fabric dome
Tweeter size 1"
Woofer type Polycone
Woofer size (2) 3"
Cabinet Specification  
Height 11.5 cm
Width 40" (101.5 cm)
Depth 9.2 cm
Weight 5.3 kg


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