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Triad OnWall Mini LCR 3.0, passiv 3.0 lydplanke i sort

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Triad Speakers OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 (standard 54" painted finish)

Triad’s new Mini LCR has been well received as a compact, high-performance front speaker solution. Versions include InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling, and now, Triad introduces a new 3-in-1 OnWall version; the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0. The OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 integrates three discrete Mini LCRs into one handsome enclosure, for onwall use with flat panel video displays. Featuring an attractive Acoustiperf grill, the speaker can be ordered in black, white or silver, or it can be custom paint matched at Triad to any color you desire.

In addition to custom paint, Triad also offers custom sizing for matching your flat screen television. The OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 can be used full-range in smaller venues, or with a subwoofer to create a most impressive home theater experience in larger rooms. It’s the perfect high-performance alternative to ordinary 3-in-1 soundbars, and it’s built in America and backed by Triad’s limited 10-year warranty.


  • Compact Design
  • Custom lengths available
  • Triad AcoustiPerf metal grill
  • Easy-Mount Installation


  • Fully engineered, Premium MDF enclosure
  • Acoustic Suspension
  • 2-way design


  • Triad’s Basic, Real Wood Veneer & Custom Finishes are available for this product. The standard finish for this product is Black paint. For any other colors, please refer to Triad’s Custom Match Finish program for this product. The paint we use is a top quality enamel and is applied with a light pebble finish. The veneer finishes are made from real wood and coated with an enamel clear coat.
  • All Triad veneers are real hardwood species. Some of the specialty species are subject to long lead times. We cannot guarantee the availability at time of order, please call for confirmation. Since all computer monitors and their colors vary, the digital color you see here will be different from the actual product finish.


Recommended amplifier 25 - 150 Watt
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 87 dB
Frequency response 100 - 20kHz
Tweeter type Fabric dome
Tweeter size (3) 1"
Woofer type paper/fiber blend
Woofer size (6) 4"
Cabinet Specification  
Height 6"
Width 54"
Depth 3 5/8"
Weight 25 lbs


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