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Planet Waves 14BSPKP, 14AWG Speaker Connector, stk

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14AWG Speaker Connector, stk

The Planet Waves Banana Plug, a revolution to speaker wire termination as we know it. No Stripping! No twisting! Connection via the gold-plated pin is direct to the banana plug. 

The connection pin inserts directly into the speaker wire and enables complete 360 degree contact with the wire while it is maintained within its jacket, virtually eliminating oxidation over time. Our patented screw secures the jacket holding the wire securely in place and will not loosen. Gold-plated, fully tested for superior signal transfer, shallow depth, better wire management all = SPEED, TIME, EFFICIENCY, QUALITY, ALL IN ONE CONNECTION!

Planet Waves Banana Plugs are available in three versions and are engineered to terminate these commonly available speaker cable gauges: