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Superbly neutral, transparent, and never, ever guilty of wrongdoing, 8TC has been the one constant in my system these last twenty years.
-The Absolute Sound

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Kimber Kable 12TC, ferdigterminert høyttalerkabel

The larger 24 wire braid of 12TC offers the best of both worlds in combining 4TC delicacy the 8TC’s increased weight and presence.

Kimber Kable 12TC, høyttalerkabel

HIGH CURRENT BRAIDED LOUDSPEAKER CABLE - 24 strands of 19.5 AWG OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper with industry leading conductivity - Aggregate combination of 12, 19.5AWG strands=8AWG per +/- leg. - Teflon insulation. White/Clear

Kimber Kable 4TC - ferdigterminert høyttalerkabel

Clean, clear sound from one of Kimber most accurate speaker cables. Known for it’s neutral sound these cables will shine a light on all your systems capabilities.

Kimber Kable 4TC - høyttalerkabel

Kimber 4TC is a great choice for small monitors in a dedicated two channel system.

Kimber Kable HERO - signalkabel

Made up of four 19AWG conductors insulated with virgin FEP dielectric. The HERO's four wire quadratic braid provides wide bandwidth and noise reduction without the use of shielding.

Kimber Kable PK10 BASE, strømkabel

Great materials coupled with Wattgate evolution series connectors combine to deliver a more robust and more reliable power cord for high demand loads like amplifiers and televisions.

Kimber Kable PK14 BASE, strømkabel

Power cords are the foundation of overall system performance.