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Sonance 5/8IN SOLID SURFACE AS DISCREET RS ( round & square)

Produktnummer: 10303441

inkl. mva.

Sonance Architectural Series installeres ved hjelp av prefabrikerte patenterte monteringsplattformer for å oppnå et perfekt resultat. Monteringsplattformene installeres som en del av taket.

Minimalistic Aesthetic

Precision engineered Mounting Platforms provide flexibility to align with light fixtures or ceiling features and deliver the highest quality result in drywall, plaster, wood, and other solid surfaces.

  • Discreet opening system delivers amazing sonic performance with minimal visual intrusion
  • Totally flush aesthetic that exactly matches size of round or square trim-less downlights
  • Unique satellite speaker and subwoofer system delivers even coverage in any sized space
  • Patented mounting platforms deliver a high-quality installation with precision grille leveling