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Adeo SGDD-C4-3 server Gateway DMX512 and DALI*

Produktnummer: 10302093

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Adeo Control Server Gateway DALI & DMX Driver Suite

  • The Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 Server Gateway is a multi-output device operating over IP.
  • Allows to carry data packs toward the DMX512 and DALI fieldbus communication systems.
  • Allows for an advanced light control of DALI and DMX in the same time.
  • Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 does the addressing of DALI devices.
  • Works fine with Colour wheel by Janus


  • All drivers are free and work only with Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 (or 2) Server Gateway.
  • Full support for the Control4 Advanced Lighting Agent.
  • Supporting keypad Connections and LED Information.
  • All drivers also run simultaneously DMX (512) and DALI (64) bus.
  • Controlling RGB lights by DALI or DMX.
  • Controlling motorization by DALI or DMX.
  • !!! OS3 compatible !!!