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Binary B-260-HDMI-CTRL

Produktnummer: 10340965

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BINARY™ 260 SERIES 4K HDR IN-LINE CONTROLLER This simple and cost-effective controller is your new favorite problem solver. It can be used as an in-line EDID emulator in a scenario where EDID is not being communicated properly from source to display. Using a built-in or uploaded EDID file, one can ensure the correct content is requested from the source. It can also trigger a connected screen or projector on/off via CEC or RS-232.

Full 4K HDR Content: This Binary In-Line Controller supports 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 video over HDMI for effective and reliable content.

Ultra-Small Form Factor and Easy Mounting: A small form factor means you can mount this extractor almost anywhere with ease, allowing you to spend more time delivering the best possible experience for your customer.

Full EDID Emulation and Control: The B-260-HDMI-CTRL includes a rotary EDID switch with 15 EDID presets and can help negotiate the HDMI handshake in certain situations, such as an old HDMI display with an invalid DDC channel, or a DVI display requiring external audio.

Trigger Connected Screens or Projectors: By auto-detecting input signal status, the B-260-HDMI-CTRL can automatically trigger CEC commands to turn on or off CEC-enabled TV, pre-loaded RS232 commands to power on or standby projector, and relay control to turn on or off a projection screen. These commands can also be executed manually.

Built-In ESD and Surge Protection: Intelligent circuit design, perfected through extensive hardware testing, has resulted in a robust product with excellent ESD and surge protection that exceeds CE Level 3 standards. During development, every connection was tortured with an ESD gun and a lightning simulator. They were hit with ESD at 15KV and surges up to 1600V. More importantly, though, they each lived to tell about it!