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Binary B-360-1CAT-30

Produktnummer: 10340967

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BINARY™ 360 SERIES 4K HDR ECONOMY EXTENDER WITH IR This simple and cost-effective extender delivers 4K HDR HDMI content reliably and effectively in an ultra-small form factor. Transmit 4K@60Hz video over category cable while utilizing dealer-centric features like power over cable, single direction IR pass-through, and automatic HDMI equalization.

Full 4K HDR Content: This Binary extender transmits 4K@60Hz video over a single category cable up to 30 meters, or 1080p up to 50 meters, saving valuable install time.

Ultra-Small Form Factor and Easy Mounting: A small form factor means you can mount this extender almost anywhere with ease, allowing you to spend more time delivering the best possible experience for your customer.

Bi-Directional Power over Cable (POC): No room for a bulky power supply behind the TV or in a rack? Not a problem. With Bi-Directional Power over Cable (PoC), you can send power over the same Cat5e/6 cable that extends your video, audio, and control signals. This means you only need one power supply - and you can put it at the head end or display to get it completely out of the way. Plus the extender features screw-down power plugs, so you never have to worry about getting service calls because a plug fell out when the TV was moved. Now those are some real reasons to celebrate!

IR Passthrough: Easily send IR signals from the TV location back to cable boxes, DVD players, and other source equipment at the head end. The IR connections feature active circuitry that supports a wide variety of IR and control system types.

Built-In ESD and Surge Protection, Thermal Reliability: Intelligent circuit design, perfected through extensive hardware testing, has resulted in a robust product with excellent ESD and surge protection that exceeds CE Level 3 standards. During development, every connection was tortured with an ESD gun and a lightning simulator. They were hit with ESD at 15KV and surges up to 1600V. More importantly, though, they each lived to tell about it!