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Binary B-760-EXT-444-300

Produktnummer: 10340970

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BINARY ™ 760 SERIES 4K HDR FIBER OPTIC EXTENDER WITH IR & RS-232 This premium fiber extender delivers 4K HDR HDMI content reliably and effectively over long distances. Transmit 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 video over fiber while utilizing dealer-centric features like bi-directional IR and RS232 pass-through.

Full 4K HDR Content: This Binary extender transmits 4K@60Hz video over fiber up to 300 meters, saving valuable install time. Please note: 4K support varies by distance and cable type. Please refer to specifications for further details.

Ultra-Small Form Factor and Easy Mounting: A small form factor means you can mount this extender almost anywhere with ease, allowing you to spend more time delivering the best possible experience for your customer.

IR & RS-232 Passthrough: Thanks to bi-directional IR and RS-232, you get no-hassle integration with a variety of control systems, and you can easily send IR signals from the TV location back to cable boxes, DVD players, and other source equipment at the head end. The IR connections feature active circuitry that supports a wide variety of IR and control system types.

Super Long Distances: With today’s large displays and data-rich content, it’s harder than ever to deliver high-quality video over long distances. With Binary’s B-760-EXT-444-300 Fiber to HDMI extender, you can utilize fiber’s high bandwidth to transmit uncompressed 4K @ 60Hz with HDR up to 300m over duplex OM3 multi-mode fiber optic cable at 18Gbps, maximizing color depth, brightness, and contrast on the latest high-resolution TVs and projectors.

Built-In ESD and Surge Protection, Thermal Reliability: Intelligent circuit design, perfected through extensive hardware testing, delivers a robust product with excellent ESD and surge protection that exceeds CE Level 3 standards. During development, every connection was tortured with an ESD gun and a lightning simulator. They were hit with ESD at 15KV and surges up to 1600V. More importantly, though, they each lived to tell about it!