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Binary B4 Series - Toslink Cable

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Binary™ B4 Series Toslink Cable

Installing a basic Toslink cable shouldn't be a source of frustration. That’s why our Binary B4 Series Toslink Cables are designed to keep installs quick and easy. Each connector head is designed with a shorter form factor, hourglass profile with added grips, and an easy to identify orientation so you always know which way is up. The precision polished plastic optical fiber terminations ensure clean digital signal transfer, while the durable, bendable jacket provides protection and supreme flexibility. Our B4 Toslink cables are available in a variety of lengths to meet your needs for soundbars, use with Apple TVs, or even for running audio all the way back to the rack.


Kimber Kable OPT-1, optisk digitalkabel

Kimber OPT1 optisk digitalkabel, har utmerkede lysoverføringsegenskaper. Fiberen er innkapslet i en varmehemmende termisk barriere. OPT1 vil gi år med jevn ytelse til en kostnadseffektiv pris.