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Control4 C4-DCIM4

Produktnummer: 10301546

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The 4-Channel Bus Dry Contact Input Module allows up to four toggle switches or other dry contact closures to trigger lights, scenes or any other automation event in a Control4 system.


  • Provides the ability to integrate period-specific, geographic-specific, or special designer switches into a Control4 system
  • Supplies a 12V, 50mA output capable of powering a motion sensor
  • Fits in standard US, UK or EU style wallboxes
  • Powers via the C4-DIN-BPS48 or C4-BPS48 power supply
  • Requires the C4-DIN-BEG Bus Ethernet Gateway to communicate with the Control4 system


Control4 C4-DIN-BPS48

The Control4® Bus Power Supply is intended for use in a Control4 system. This device installs in a Control4 Panelized Lighting panel or in any standard DIN rail panel with 35mm rails. The Bus Power Supply provides the power to the Bus Ethernet Gateway (C4-DIN-BEG) and Control4 wired keypads (C4-KCB-xx and C4-SKCB-xx) in a Panelized Lighting system.