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Control4 C4-KNX-DALI, DALI-Gateway, Basic, 1-fold, MDRC

Produktnummer: 10302933

DALI-Gateway, Basic, 1-Fold, MDRC

For controlling DALI devices via the KNX bus. One DALI output for up to 64 DALI secondary products. DALI power supply is integrated. Control and status feedback is carried out via KNX per DALI slave (64), with lighting groups (16), together in broadcast or per scenes (16). Extensive fault and error messages are available with a self-contained emergency converter (64), according to  EN 62386-202 is supported. Various emergency tests (e.g. function and duration tests) can be triggered via KNX and emergency converter. Feedback is sent. Slave, staircase, force, block, and scene functions are integrated. DALI telegram rate can change. For diagnostic use and individual change of the DALI address or group assignment, a separate Software-Tool is available.