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Control4 C4-KNX-MPD-ST, Presence Detector Mini FM (Studio White)

Produktnummer: 10302941

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Presence Detector Mini FM (Studio White)

Detection range (circular) for mounting heights 2.5 m, 3 m, and 4 m.

Seated persons Ø: max 5 m, max 6.5 m, and max 9 m, respectively.

Walking persons Ø: max 6.5 m, max 8 m, and max 10.5 m, respectively.

Visible height: 16 mm. 2 channels. Targeted for connection and disconnection of light bands depending on the room brightness. Regulation in response to movement possible. Use the device as presence and/or movement detector. Detector application with 2 power-off stages. Detector application with integrated monitoring function. Constant light switch with up to two independent channels. Constant light switch with max. 2 outputs for brightness-dependent switching of two light bands in the area. Includes integrated KNX bus coupler. Suitable for false ceilings with a board thickness from 9 to 25 mm. Hole size: Ø 68 mm. Suitable for surface mounting installation. Cannot be installed in British Standard or VDE flush-mounted box.