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Russound CB-PS-EU, Power Supply, stk

Produktnummer: 10341181

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Russound Connecting Block CB-140 Power Supply

The CB-PS is Russound’s versatile 12-volt, 500 mA power supply for infrared products and other applications. It provides regulated power from an outlet-mounted transformer through a 3-foot (1m) cord with a 2.1 mm coaxial plug.

Russound CB-140, IR Connecting Block

The Russound CB-140 makes it easy to connect infrared accessories together. The hub of an IR repeater system, it receives signals from remotely located infrared receivers and channels them to your source components and other equipment.

Russound IRE-1, Mini IR emitter, stk

Russound IRE-1, Mini IR emitter, enkel, stk