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Kimber Kable D60, digitalkabel

Produktnummer: vm-d60

inkl. mva.

Kimber Kable digital cables - push every bit.


PTFE dielectric and pure silver are the only ingredients in this flagship model. A digital cable by which all others are measured. Super low noise floor and incredible bandwidth deliver a huge soundstage with the natural rhythm and pacing of real instruments. A digital cable should disappear and D-60 meets the challenge.

the Kimber D60 is a beautifully made cable that effortlessly conveys the digital signal from my CD to an external DAC and is one to consider if you’re looking for a premium-quality digital interconnect.
– Recommended Product HiFiChoice 2014



Electrical Specifications

Precision 75Ω pure silver digital tri-axial. S/PDIF.

Ultraplate RCA or BNC connector options.


Connector Options





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