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Premium and elegant for all iPad models

Displine iPad wall mounts are special in many ways. When you choose Displine, you gain more than just an iPad mount. You gain a piece of distinctive design where nothing has been left to chance. The essence of the original design of our iPad wall mounts is that they consist of only a few parts and are therefore easy to assemble. Moreover, our iPad wall enclosures are very sturdy. This is the result of solid engineering work and the use of high-quality materials. Displine iPad wall mounts are also universal. They are suitable for all iPad generations within one Apple tablet model. Finally, since we manufacture our tablet wall mounts ourselves, we are able to quickly develop and deliver a suitable iPad wall mount for each new iPad model.


Since 2017, Displine stands for aesthetic, individual tablet wall mounts in a classic, timeless design. From the very beginning, Displine’s collections have conquered the rooms of design-oriented customers all over the world.


Visionary Smart Home concepts fit in any architectural style. Provided the smarthome hardware is right. And this is where Displine comes into play: clever functionality, technically mature, tried-and-tested, in combination with highest quality materials, precise machining and craftsmanship assembly - Displine tablet wall mounts and stands are refined to perfection. Beauty can be so simple. Sometimes discreetly unobtrusive, sometimes accentuated with colour – but always expressive.

iPad wall mount - docking station for your smart home

Apple tablets have proven to be great smart home control devices. With Displine iPad wall mount, with integrated charging function, iPad can be upgraded to a powerful home automation console. Mounting your tablet on a wall saves space, ensures that the device is protected, always available and it has its dedicated place. Particularly appealing in the Wall Home series of Displine iPad wall mounts is the open side of the mount. This allows for quick removal and reinsertion of the tablet to keep it charged at all times. Above all, the timeless design and the premium finish of Displine iPad wall mounts add a new aesthetic dimension to the smart home experience.

iPad wall enclosure - secured for your business

With Displine iPad wall mount Apple tablet becomes a statement of contemporary elegance in any office space. Our iPad wall mounts with a charging function (as flush power supply or as PoE) ensure that the tablets stay charged and safe, and are protected against unwanted removal. Thus, you can easily operate room control, manage meeting rooms and display important information for your customers and employees. Thanks to the elegant design and noble finish our tablet wall mounts seamlessly match with any surrounding. Most importantly however, Displine iPad wall mounts ensure that your office space appears visually appealing, modern and professional to your audience.


Samsung tablet wall mounts - a good tablet mount for a solid tablet

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