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Heatmiser Window / Door Contact Sensor

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Window / Door Contact Sensor

The Wireless Window / Door Sensor can be used with the Touch V2, Edge and Neo System and and is used to switch the heating off whenever a window or door is opened.

The Wireless Sensor pairs directly with the Touch v2 and Edge whereas with the Neo System the Wireless Sensor is paired to the neoHub Gen 2 and then linked to the appropriate zone.


Using the Wireless Air Sensor with the Neo System

The Wireless Contact Sensor can be paired to one or multiple zones. When the window or door is open, the neoHub will switch the linked zones into Standby mode. Once the window or door is closed, the Standby mode will be cancelled.

The app allows for an Open/Close delay to be setup, giving you the flexibility of how quickly the window open detection triggers.



Range: 40 meters

RF Frequency: 868MHz

IP Protection: IP20


Important Neo Compatibility Notes

  • RF Sensor support is only available on the neoHub Gen 2. To determine if you have a neoHub Gen 2, look at the rear of your neoHub for a label marked “2nd generation”  If in doubt contact our support team on 01254 669090.
  • The RF sensors are not visible in HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT at this time.
  • The RF sensors communicate directly to the neoHub. Depending on signal strength in your home, you may require additional boosters such as the neoPlug or Boost available here.
  • For compatible thermostats, consult the contact sensor datasheet.