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DVDO iScan Micro

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4k Ultra HD Scaler & Video Enhancement System

DVDO iScan Micro is designed to make your video better. 4K Ultra HD TVs are now readily available and deliver pristine video resolution with 8 million pixels. Most of today’s viewing content is not native 4K. This content is available on DVD and Blu-ray discs or streamed over the Internet in a highly compressed format. Artifacts generated from compression or the use of low quality scalers can result in reduced picture quality. DVDO iScan Micro is specifically designed to automatically upscale both SD and HD sources up to 4K resolution or the best resolution the display can handle while enhancing original source content. With many of the same features as the larger DVDO iScan Mini, DVDO iScan Micro brings professional quality scaling and video enhancement in a tiny package which can be hidden behind any display.


Video Processing

VRS ClearView technology has powered many generations of DVDOs video processors and other home theater products. The iScan Micro features the latest generation of VRS ClearView technology including advanced 4K scaling as well as enhancement technologies to remove jaggies and mosquito noise from poor quality sources. This technology simultaneously increases the depth and clarity of images, making any video pop. iScan Micro sharpens Blu-ray-quality video, bringing out details and nuances not visible in the original content.


Adaptive Scaling

VRS ClearView Technology also features 4K adaptive studio quality scaling for discerning videophiles. iScan Micro’s state-of-the-art 4K scaler will scale video and graphics optimally, bringing out details without any ringing, unlike embedded scalers in some displays or source devices. The iScan Micro works just as well with 1080p displays, scaling and enhancing SD and 720p content and brings out hidden details or corrects mosquito artifacts and compression noise from your SD and Internet streaming sources.

  • VRS® ClearView Technology
  • Internet Video Cleanup
  • Detail Enhancement for increased image depth and clarity
  • Scaling up to 4K/60
  • IR input port
  • Micro case
  • Easy install
  • Remote Control


Three VRS modes allow the user to adjust the enhancement level to adapt to different input video quality and included remoted control:

  • Off – For graphics & animation
  • Low – For high quality video
  • High – For internet & low quality video