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Ekinex EK-BM1-TP-80, Gateway M-Bus Master - KNX TP - 80 devices

Produktnummer: 10340831

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Gateway M-Bus Master - KNX TP - 80 devices


Device working as a gateway (protocol conversion) between a M-Bus network and a KNX (TP) network. Master function on the M-Bus network. Mounting in distribution board on EN 60715 rail (4 modular units, each 18 mm). To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation.

The device is available in four versions:

EK-BM1-TP-20 (max. 20 M-Bus devices)
EK-BM1-TP-40 (max. 40 M-Bus devices)
EK-BM1-TP-80 (max. 80 M-Bus devices)
EK-BM1-TP-160 (max. 160 M-Bus devices)


M-Bus side
• M-Bus communication port
• M-Bus communication
• Communication speed from 3000 to 38400 baud
• Device addressing from 1 to 250
• Reading and writing of single and multiple registers
• Volatile support memory with "M-Bus image" buffer of 1440 bytes

KNX side
• KNX TP (twisted pair) 9600 baud communication port, electrically insulated from power supply
• Volatile support memory with "image KNX" buffer of 1440 bytes


A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require the application software CGEKBM1TPXX.exe (depending on the version XX = 20, 40, 80 or 160) (please contact the technical support)