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Ekinex EK-BV1-TP, Voice control interface

Produktnummer: 10309938

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Voice control interface


Device working as interface between home speakers with voice assistant of Apple, Google and Amazon and a KNX (TP) network. Possibility of installing several interfaces on the same bus system. Pushbutton for unpairing function and status indication LED on the front. Power supply at 12/24 V AC/DC. Terminal for KNX bus connection included in the  delivery. LAN connection via Ethernet cable (not included in the delivery). Mounting in distribution board on EN 60715 rail (2 modular units, each 18 mm). To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation.


It allows you to control up to 150 accessories from 11 different categories:

  • light
  • thermostat
  • shutter
  • switch
  • fan
  • controlled socket
  • contact sensor
  • leakage sensor
  • motion sensor
  • smoke sensor
  • temperature sensor


Through internet browser.