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Ekinex EK-STI-10K-3435, Temperature sensor for immersion in piping

Produktnummer: 10340823

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Temperature sensor for immersion in piping.


Immersion temperature sensor with NTC sensing element to be used in combination with ekinex® KNX devices equipped with an analog input (or configurable as [AI]) to measure the temperature. The sensing element is protected by a plastic sheath and inserted in a cylindrical housing in INOX. The probe is suitable for detecting the temperature of the conveying fluid in heating and / or cooling circuits; for the installation it is necessary to provide an immersion sleeve (not included in delivery) suitable for the insertion of the probe into the pipe. The electrical connection with the ekinex® KNX device is realized by the two-wire cable (length 1.5 m).


• Sensing element: NTC (10 kΩ ±1% at 25°C, ß = 3435)
• Operating temperature: -40°C...+105°C


Required for the ekinex KNX device to which the temperature sensor is connected