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Ekinex E12, 71series, Alum., 4 x knapp-horisontal, SURFACE

Produktnummer: 10341058

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Pushbutton with thermostat

1-, 2- or 4-fold KNX pushbutton (max. 8 independent functions) with integrated room temperature controller. Mounting on round or square wall box. Power supply via bus. To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation. Bus terminal block, fixing screws and mounting support included in the delivery. The device has to be to completed alternatively with:

 1 x  10303341  EK-E12-TP, Pushbutton w/thermo. 71 SERIES - LED Blue/green
 1 x  10341111  EK-SQS-GBQ Square plate aluminium window 60x60, - Metal | Aluminium
 1 x  10341109  EK-T4R-GBQ, 4 x rect. horizontal rockers, Metal | Aluminium


  • on/off switching of single loads or groups of loads
  • dimming of lighting devices
  • control of motor drives (for roller shutters, blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • function of room temperature controller with integrated temperature sensor
  • sending on the bus of values (temperature, etc.)
  • recalling and saving of scenes
  • switching to forced functioning (lock)