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Ekinex E13-RW, 2 x knapp - 71series i Metal | Aluminum, DEEP

Produktnummer: 10341052

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The 4-fold pushbutton of Ekinex® 71 series commands loads on/off switching, controls the dimming of lighting devices, controls motor drives for shutters or executes any other programmable command and control function.

KIT inneholder følgende:

 1 x  10363814  EK-TAQE-1-NF  Square adapter ('NF/Deep)
 1 x  10303415  EK-SMQ-71-1  Square mounting support
 1 x  10363807  EK-E13-TP-RW  Pushbutton with thermostat - LED Red/White
 1 x  10340214  EK-T2R-GBQ  Pack of 2 vertical rectangular rockers 30x60 mm - Metal | Aluminum
 1 x  10303124  EK-DQS-GBQ  Deep square plate (60x60 mm window) - Metal | Aluminum