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Ekinex EK-DEL-5PANWH, panel 5" i hvit

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Ekinex delégo panel 5" - white panel

delégo is a home automation control system which allows to control and monitor a domotic plant KNX using a mobile device (smartphone and tablets) equipped with Apple iOS or Android operating system.  The system hardware is based on a dedicated platform (a PC powered by an Intel Celeron Dual Core microprocessor) equipped with an Ethernet port which must be connected to the user’s local area network (LAN) and a USB dongle containing the activation system. The connection of KNX devices is performed through an IP interface or the ekinex® IP router. An optional IR gateway allows the smartphone App to integrate and manage up to 4 infrared devices such as TV, audio and multimedia devices.


The main characteristic of the delégo home automation control system is an extremely simple configuration, achieved thanks to a wizard that provides a step-by-step guidance to the system integrator during commissioning, and also thanks to the direct importation of the ETS project. It is also very easy to define the function of the imported domotic objects, the areas as well as the association between areas and objects. The wizard also allows to configurate the IR section in order to control audio/video devices.

The graphic interface is simple and intuitive and allows the user to interact with the domotic plant through a smartphone. The App allows the user to control lights, temperatures, actuators, audio/video devices and much more with a simple touch, all from a single device and from any place reached by wi-fi connection, as well as remotely through a web connection. The immediate integration with the ekinex® devices is enriched by the full compatibility with any device based on the KNX open standard.