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Episode ES-ESS-GLSQ-IC-8-B, , Square In-Ceiling Grille Kit 8" Black

Produktnummer: 10341362

inkl. mva.

This grille kit lends a modern, thin-bezel, square shape to our in-ceiling speakers. It can be painted in one easy step to keep the speaker out of sight for a smooth, minimalistic finish.

Modern Square Design: An adapter plate makes it easy to transform your round speaker into a modern, square-shaped one.

Magnetic Attachment: Magnetic grilles attach as soon as they’re aligned with the speaker.

One-Step Painting: A one-piece grille means a quicker paint job so you can easily customize it to match any decor. Plus, a handy pull tab removes the scrim cloth easily without using a tool.



  • ES-350T-IC-8
  • ES-350T-POINT-6
  • ES-550T-IC-8
  • ES-550T-ICDVC-8
  • ES-550T-ICSURR-8
  • ES-550T-POINT-6
  • ESS-1300T-IC-8
  • ESS-1300T-POINT-6
  • ESS-1500T-IC-8
  • ESS-1500T-POINT-6
  • ESS-1500T-ICDVC-8
  • ESS-1500T-ICSURR-8
  • ESS-1700T-IC-8
  • ESS-1700T-ICSURR-8
  • ESS-1700T-POINT-6