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Future Automation CHRS - TV takheis med sving

Produktnummer: vm-fa-chrs

inkl. mva.

TV takheis med sving

The CHR Range is our latest generation of TV Ceiling Hinge with Swivel mechanisms, suitable for hinging screens from 40” to 98” up to 90° out of a ceiling before swivelling them up to 180° left or right. Fully concealable within the ceiling cavity thanks to its Plaster In Edge, the CHR Range is also available without swivel function (CHR), with a standalone telescope function (CHRT) or a combined swivel and telescope (CHRST).

  • Self adjusting limit switches in the closed position means that product set up is now even quicker and easier than ever before
  • An MDF "Plaster In Edge" allows for a neat installation into the ceiling, eliminating any visible on ceiling flange around the mechanism, with only the smallest of shadow gaps around the lid when closed
  • The CHR units are delivered ready to install as one whole unit, reducing the chance of errors upon installation and streamlining the fitting procedure
  • Shipped with both mechanical and electrical recovery options, ensuring that in the event of a 3rd party control issue the system can be safely accessed.