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Future Automation PIC-SPLIT - Maleriheis, skyver et delt bilde til hver side

Produktnummer: vm-fa-pic-split

inkl. mva.

PIC-SPLIT Picture Split Mechanism from Future Automation allows a recessed screen to be concealed behind a pair of artwork panels and is an ideal alternative to our standard Picture Lift mechanism when vertical height is at a minimum.

The inbuilt motors quickly and quietly move the artwork panels apart to reveal the recessed screen behind while the intelligent control system keeps the movement of each panel synchronised at all times.

Available in three standard sizes, our PIC-SPLIT Picture Split Mechanisms feature built in vibration isolating, which when combined their already smooth motion of the motors and a ramped start and finish speed, enable an elegant and seamless transition from artwork to television. The sophisticated electronics help prevent ‘finger trapping’ between panels, making the PIC-SPLIT suitable not only for corporate or commercial environments, but also residential installs. Bespoke size mechanisms are available for larger screens and our in house Canvas Printing Service is available to all dealers, offering bespoke made stretch canvases suitable for all our Moving Picture Mechanisms.

Future Automation FB49

Our FB49 low profile flat bracket is one of the most discreet and easy to fit display wall mounts available on the market. Ideal for mounting screens from 49” to 80”, the FB49 features a simple hook on/hook off mounting system, as well as marine/security locking as standard.