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Future Automation SAC-U2, Smart Airflow Control - Unit 2

Produktnummer: 10341263

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Designed to regulate airflow around equipment in AV cabinets or joinery, the SAC-U2 helps increase airflow and aids natural convection inside the space.

Intelligent electronics regulate fan state and speed and allow multiple units to work in sync to further increase airflow, while the separate control board allows for a smaller mounting footprint inside the desired location.

By maintaining an optimal temperature for components, the SAC-U2 helps prevent overheating, maintain uptime and extend component life span.

The SAC-U2 attaches to an external section of the cabinet to aid in the natural convection inside the space. Units can be combined to create an input and output to further increase airflow.

  • Near silent operation complimented with isolating rubber mounts
  • Height efficient design ideal for cooling receivers, amplifiers, and other AV components
  • Self-contained unit with onboard electronics for simple installation
  • Prevents components from overheating, having performance issues, and shortened lifespans
  • Temperature controlled variable fan state and speed with equipment overheat alarm