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We’ve been using our home theater more often than I expected because it’s so effortless to control and it really emphasizes the magic of everything we watch.
- Dave P., Control4 Homeowner


More than just a space to watch a movie, your theater is meant to be a place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world and straight into the action.

It’s the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, the go-to spot for friends to enjoy the big game or the next binge-worthy series, and a space you’ll never want to leave because the viewing experience brings it all to life.

Create your perfect escape and then surround yourself with those who matter most.

It’s not a switch. It’s not a bulb. It’s about setting the perfect scene—every time.


When you have an uncompromising adoration for high-quality picture and sound, only top-notch entertainment equipment will do.

Control4 builds some of the finest products available to create unsurpassed cinematic moments in your home theater. We also work with your favorite leading brands in projectors, screens, audio systems, and more.

And, to make your investment worth every penny, everything is unified and orchestrated through one effortless system, making the experience simplified and even more magical.


A tap of the “Movie” button drops the screen, activates the projector, queues the sound, and dims the lights. Enjoy a more simplified viewing experience by replacing multiple remotes with just one that is sleek, sophisticated, and easy for the whole family to use.

The true magic of a home theater is when everything comes together. With Control4, you make your theater investment worthwhile by removing the complexity of managing it all.


Lighting is an integral part of the movie experience and with Control4 it’s completely integrated. Pressing “Play” brings down your overhead lights while the sconces layer in the most optimal viewing levels. Pressing “Pause” brings the lights back up to lead the way for a refill or a trip to the restroom.

Let Control4 take the guesswork out of your theater lighting control. From accents to starlit ceilings, aisle lights to dimmable cans, you’ll set the perfect mood with smart lighting that is both effortless and convenient.


First there was Stereo Sound

Stereo sound is simply a left and a right speaker placed in front of you. Imagine a performance stage, with the audio coming directly toward the viewer or listener. For the most adequate sound experience, you’d want to be seated at equal distances between both speakers.

Then came Surround Sound

Surround sound begins with stereo sound and adds in speakers to the sides and behind you. Surround sound recreates this same performance stage, but provides a more immersive experience with a sound field that truly draws you in—especially appealing for action movie lovers.

Now there’s Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos introduces theater-grade speakers above you to make the experience even more realistic. The sound travels from all directions and captivates the most discerning sound enthusiast. It is the best residential sound application for home theaters that is available today.


Control4’s Triad audio line was chosen by Dolby to help deliver Atmos to residential applications. Our expert design service team has designed thousands of Dolby Atmos systems for home theaters worldwide.

Theater-grade in-ceiling speakers allow you to enjoy the same experience tonally from all angles in your viewing environment, no matter where you are sitting. Our speakers are crafted the same for all types of applications—in-wall, in-ceiling, and in-room—so that they sound the same, wherever they are placed in the theater.

Omnidirectional depth immerses you into the action and excites your senses. Listen to every footprint and breath like they’re happening right beside you. Feel that bomber plane whirring overhead as if you’re in the center of a war zone. Extraordinary clarity and detail captivates you with a dome of sound that engineers “steer“ for the most significant impact.


Stay alert to the world around you

Switch between cameras, lock the doors, or check on any room in the home from your app or the on-screen interface. Motion sensors can let you know if there is activity where there shouldn’t be.

Keep an eye on the kids

When a child’s bedroom door opens, the movie can mute or pause to alert you. Curious eyes stay sheltered from content they shouldn’t view, and you can relax without worrying about evening explorers.

Never miss a delivery

With a simple tap of your “Deliveries” button, the foyer light turns on, the door unlocks, and your package is placed safely inside. The door secures itself once again—and you watched the whole thing on your phone from your theater.