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iPort Surface Mount Bezel sølv, til iPad mini

Produktnummer: 10303629

inkl. mva.

Passer til: iPad mini (4. og 5. gen)

IPORT Surface Mount is the most elegant way to permanently mount iPad on a wall or solid surface.  

iPad is contained in a minimalist aluminum bezel that doubles as the central mounting component. iPad stays protected by built-in locking components in the bezel.  

Surface Mount integrates iPad onto any solid surface, wall, or onto glass while maintaining complete access to the iPad power button, microphones and speakers while in the bezel (Glass Mounting Kit sold separately).

By utilizing IPORT’s PoE Splitter and a standard CAT cable, Surface Mount can be up to 300 ft. from a power source. iPad can also be hard-wired to a network by using Apple’s USB to Ethernet adapters with the IPORT PoE Splitter.

Available in black, silver or white finishes, Surface Mount is the best iPad wall mount to install iPad on any surface while ensuring it blends into your space.

iPort LUXE Basestation, sølv

LUXE BaseStation conductively charges iPad on a flat surface and can mount and charge iPad in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort LUXE Case sølv, til iPad mini

LUXE Case er et tynt symmetrisk kabinett av aluminium som beskytter iPad og gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere. Når Case settes på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading umiddelbart.
Kompatible iPad modeller: iPad mini 4 | mini (5th gen)

iPort LUXE Wallstation i sølv

LUXE WallStation conductively charges the iPad and allows iPad to be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort Surface Mount Bezel, sølv til iPad 10.2" & 10.5"

Passer til: iPad 10.2-inch (8th gen) | iPad 10.2-inch (7th gen) | iPad Pro 10.5-inch | iPad Air 10.5 inch (3rd gen)