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Key Digital HDMI switch

Key Digital HDMI switch


Key Digital KD-S4x1X-2, 4x1 4K HDMI switch

Key Digital 4x1 4K 18G HDMI Switcher with Auto-Switching, Analog & Digital Audio De-Embed

Key Digital KD-Pro2x1X, HDMI switcher

2x1 4K/18G HDMI Switcher with Optical, PCM, L/R, and Balanced/Unbalanced Audio, IP Control

Key Digital KD-Pro4x1X-2, 4 Inputs to 1 Output HDMI Switcher

4K/18G HDMI Switcher with De-Embedded Audio and IP Control.

Key Digital KD-UFS42, 4K 18G Universal Format Switcher

4K 18G Universal Format Switcher with 4 Inputs (2x HDMI, DP, VGA), HDMI and HDBaseT Mirrored Outputs with Rx Included, Audio De-Embed, CEC Display Control, Auto Switching. KD-App and KDPlug & Present™ Ready.

Key Digital KD-DA2x8G, 2x8 4K/18G POH HDBaseT HDMI distribution amplifier & switch

2x8 4K 18G POH HDBaseT HDMI Distribution Amplifier & Switcher Kit with Audio De-Embedding (Includes KIT 8 Rx Extenders 4K/70 Meters 1080P/100 Meters)

Key Digital KD-MLV4x4Pro, HDMI matrise

4x4 4K UHD HDMI seamless matrix with multi-view tiling, includes 4 Rx units. Features independent AV routing, mirrored HDMI and UHDoTP outputs.