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Kimber Kable 12TC, høyttalerkabel

Produktnummer: vm-12tc

inkl. mva.

HIGH CURRENT BRAIDED LOUDSPEAKER CABLE - 24 strands of 19.5 AWG OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper with industry leading conductivity - Aggregate combination of 12, 19.5AWG strands=8AWG per +/- leg. - Teflon insulation. White/Clear

Building on the quality and reputation of 4TC and 8TC, this latest addition to our range sees Kimber introduce 12TC with its 24 individual VariStrand™ conductors. It’s like 8TC on steroids! Everything we like about 8TC is lifted up another level – we found it a significant upgrade, especially in terms of musical involvement and an overall lift in performance right across the frequency range. 50% more conductors than 8TC.


Electrical Specifications

(Cp) parallel capacitance: 494 pF / meter

(Ls) series inductance: 0.09 uH / meter

(Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.005 Ohm / meter