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Falske Kimber Kable

Falske Kimber Kable

Dessverre finnes det mange som ønske å tjene noen raske penger på Kimber Kable sitt gode navn, rykte og ikke minst kvalitet. Verden har blitt online og man kan enkelt bestille varer fra alle verdensdeler, dette gjør det ekstra fristende og veldig enkelt for useriøse aktører å tilby falske produkter. All Kimber Kable fra Kina er falske!



Some things to look out for when purchasing Kimber Kable online:

  1. Where is it shipping from? Any Kimber product shipping from Hong Kong or China is fake. Furthermore, any Kimber product shipping across any international border is probably fake.
  2. Has the product been discontinued?
  3. Is the packaging missing or incorrect?
  4. ANY "Kimber Kable" from Alibaba or AliExpress is fake.
  5. Any items selling as "new" or "multiple available" from eBay, Audiogon, auction sites, or 3rd party marketplaces should be considered counterfeit. We cannot cover these items under our factory warranty.


The only way to ensure that you are purchasing authentic Kimber Kable products is to buy new cables from an authorized Kimber dealer or distributor. However, we realize there will always be a market for second-hand buyers especially given that Kimber Kable products retain such a high re-sale value. This high demand for used products and the fact that Kimber Kable is a trusted brand has resulted in the unfortunate appearance of counterfeit cables. These cables will appear to be Kimber but in reality will use the poorest of materials they can get away with to fool the prospective buyer.

There is not a single Kimber product that is immune from counterfeits. Before bidding on or purchasing Kimber from a site you suspect, we ask that you contact us including a link to the auction or website that you are thinking about buying/bidding. We can often tell from who or where it is being sold if it is a legitimate Kimber Kable product or not. We will quickly look over the prospective product and let you know of what we find.

If you have experiences dealing with fake cables and have information that you feel would be valuable in helping pursue these counterfeiters, please contact us to help pass this information along.