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Kimber Kable CARBON -  signalkabel

Produktnummer: vm-carbon

inkl. mva.

Bruk av karbon i Kimber Carbon signalkabler gir lydbildet økt presisjon, åpenhet og tonal tilstedeværelse. Karbon har optimale dielektriske egenskaper for kabelproduksjon.

Kimber Kable Carbon serie

A completely new direction for Kimber

A major feature – and a completely new direction for Kimber – is the use of carbon in these cables. The conductors are pure, VariStrand copper over which a carbon-infused conductive polymer is pressure-applied.

The polymer fills the spaces in between the strands helping to maintain the geometry and means that the stranded conductors behave more like a solid core conductor (a benefit), while retaining its flexibility. The copper conductors and carbon polymer are then insulated in the conventional way with Kimber’s Fluorocarbon (Teflon) insulation.

The Carbon polymer reduces mechanically-induced noise and improves the performance of the outer Teflon insulating material.

Kimber Kable Carbon signalkabel

Attention to detail

A feature of Kimber’s Axios headphone cables has been the development of a braiding machine which is able to maintain the famous weave at the point at which the braid splits into two, and this design has been carried over to the new carbon cables.

Kimber Kable Carbon signalkabel detaljer

Instead of simply twisting the wires together for the positive and negative halves of the speaker cables, the braid is maintained at the breakout. The interconnect consists of a single wire carrying both left and right channels which similarly branches out to both channels with no break at the junction and preservation of the braid.


  • Eight, 19.5AWG braided conductors
  • VariStrand pure copper conductors locked in place with carbon polymer and insulated with Teflon
  • OFE copper 102% IACS grade
  • Seamless braided transition to the right and left channels
  • WBT copper and silver phono options
  • Balanced XLR option
  • Hand built at the Kimber factory
  • Cables available in lengths from 0.5m – 5m

Kimber Kable Carbon detaljer

Connector Options

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