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Kimber Kable KWIK-12 - høyttalerkabel

Produktnummer: vm-kwik-12

inkl. mva.

Kimber Kable KWIK-12 er en førsteklasses høyttalerkabel for premium lyd. Den utmerker seg på in-wall installasjoner, men ytelsen er så god at den fortjener å bli brukt hvor som helst der bulk kabel skal benyttes.

Premium in wall speaker cable for premium sound. Dual gauge strand construction in PE dielectric. Four conductor design to be used in hybrid braid style two conductor termination. 12 AWG / 3.31mm2. (UL) CL2 rated. One conductor of each color contains finer gauge copper strands while the other conductor of each color contains heavier gauge copper strands. When the two gauges are combined they serve to help minimize resonance within the cable stranding, thereby optimizing performance. Far superior, both electrically and in terms of sound quality, to the commonly used PVC dielectric. PE provides a smoother, cleaner and more grain free sound. The off-white PVC outer jacket is durable and pulls smoothly through studs without sticking or binding. The neutral color of the jacket is less objectionable, with regard to decor, should the cable become visible. In addition, convenient foot labeling makes it easier to track cable usage.


Electrical Specifications

(Cp) parallel capacitance: 147.5 pF / meter

(Ls) series inductance: 0.225 uH / meter

(Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.01 Ohm / meter

Kimber Kable SBAN, par

Kimber SBAN banan, par. SBAN er en pålitelig nikkelbelagt beryllium-kobberfjær som gir jevnt trykk med høy elektrisk ledningsevne.

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Ethereal 16-4C-BW, høyttalerkabel (hvit), 4 leder - 4 x 1,5mm2 (16 gauge)

Ethereal 16-4C-BW, høyttalerkabel (hvit), 4 leder - 4 x 1,5mm2 (16 gauge)

Kimber Kable KWIK-16 - høyttalerkabel

For in-wall og in-ceiling høyttalere har Kimber designet KWIK-16 og KWIK-12 høyttalerkabel. Begge med utrolig klarhet i mellomtonen med stram og betydelig bassrespons.