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Lilin IPC0122P3, stk

Produktnummer: 10302170

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1080P Full HD Covert IP Camera

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Security Solutions

Perfect discreet camera solution to provide well-thought-out video surveillance in ATM environments

Covert ATM-fitted IP camera IPC0122 provides high definition live and recorded video. Covert series camera is featuring small size and light weight. LILIN covert IP camera comprises a main unit and a separate sensor unit which allows them to be mounted up to 6 meters apart. The unique form factor and small-sized sensor unit are able to perform embedded mounting at places where a concealed application is required.


  • Covert IP camera
  • Easy to install and flexible mounting option 
  • Discreet and functional design
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Video surveillance for ATMs
  • HD resolution with 5MP CMOS sensor
  • For concealed applications
  • 1080p HD resolution