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With 25x optical zoom and an IP66 rating for weatherproof outdoor installations, this 2MP PTZ dome camera packs a punch. It bundles an IR range up to 150 feet.

With 25x optical zoom and an IP66 rating for weatherproof outdoor installations, this 2MP PTZ dome camera packs a punch. It bundles an IR range up to 150 feet, a 16:9 letterbox sensor, and glass optics into a unique dome form factor. Auto-tracking technology even enables this PTZ to follow a person or car that enters its field of view for up to 5 minutes.

Important Note: We recommend the camera be mounted on horizontal surfaces such as on a ceiling or soffit and not sideways as on a wall.

Resolution Up to 2MP: At 2MP, this PTZ camera delivers high-resolution images in full 1080p. Or, enjoy twice the digital zoom when you use a display optimized for 1080p. Our 16:9 letterbox format is tailor-made for the A/V market so that its built-in resolution prevents picture distortion.

Auto-Tracking Option: Set the auto-tracking function so your camera automatically patrols a property once it detects a person or large object. This PTZ will follow a person or car through a scene for five minutes before reverting to its original position. Or, you can always manually explore the property through the Luma camera web UI or handy mobile app.

  • Note: Camera web UI compatible with Internet Explorer on PCs and Safari on Macs using version 11 and earlier.

Improved Night Vision: Great daytime shots are nice, but Starlight improves nighttime performance – a critical time for capturing surveillance footage. Our cameras automatically adapt to changes in light. With enough ambient light, Starlight technology can provide a detailed color image, improving nighttime clarity.

Dedicated Control Stream: These cameras offer a third video stream optimized for control system streaming. Using this stream, you can provide clear HD video to a control system at 720p. The third H.264 stream is independent from the full resolution H.265 main stream.

Storage-Friendly Encoding: Our Luma IP cameras support the H.265 video codec. This updated codec uses roughly 40% less data than H.264, achieving the same footage quality while nearly doubling the efficiency of your recorder’s hard drive storage space.

Better Motion Capture: Through improved basic motion settings, use the NVR to highlight any grid area for custom capture. Advanced settings at the camera let you select up to eight unique targeted areas in a grid view using a click and drag of the mouse. Or, change image settings like white balance levels or digital noise reduction between day and night. Enhanced intrusion detection alerts vastly reduce false positives.

Smart Motion Technology: Schedule notifications and alerts based on new line crossing or custom intrusion settings. Postal worker pulls into your client’s driveway? You can set an alert to notify or start recording the second that truck crosses the line. New intrusion detection settings can also trigger an event based on movement in a custom box area, so you can capture movement from the fence line in a backyard.

High Definition: Thanks to a 0.36 Progressive Scan CMOS sensor, this camera delivers pristine video with resolutions up to 1920x1080 at a full 30fps. For true 16:9 widescreen image, a 1280x720 mode is provided – giving you a wider view of the action and filling your TV or mobile device's screen – no more black bars! Have applications that don't require high definition? No problem. Resolutions as low as 352x240 @ 30fps are also supported.

Power over Ethernet: Run a single Cat5e/6 cable and deliver video, data, and power to/from the camera. No more crimp on beanies, wire nuts or other unsightly connections - just an RJ45 connector and you're done. Retrofit installations have never been easier.

Built-In 2 Way Audio: Audio inputs to the NVR enable you to do this through your browser or mobile device! Listen in to the live feed from gated entrances, elevators, assisted living, or saferooms - there are a number of applications where you want the person on the other end to know you're listening. Note: you will need a separate microphone to enable this function.