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Pakedge BR-WX1, In-ceiling mounting bracket for WX-1 wireless access

Produktnummer: 10302221

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Pakedge In-Ceiling Mounting Bracket WX-1 Wireless Access Point

The BR-WX-1 easily converts the Pakedge WX-1 wireless access point into a flush mounted in-ceiling or in-wall mounted access point. When the two are paired together, it allows the WX-1 to be mounted flush into the wall or ceiling. The WX-1 can be released for servicing by releasing the latch and allow the unit to be pivot out.

The conversion bracket is made of the same white polycarbonate material as the WX-1 access point, thereby ensuring a smooth and consistent look.

The BR-WX-1 is ideal for projects where an in-ceiling/in-wall mount is not required immediately. It allows installers to stock one WX-1 SKU, with the flexibility to purchase the mounting tray at a later time as project requirements change.

Ideal for:

  • Flush mounting (wall or ceiling) of WX-1 wireless access point
  • Projects where flush mounting is not required immediately, but want option to do so in the future


  • High quality polycarbonate construction
  • Latch mechanism allows AP to swing open, providing access for service