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Pakedge SE-5P2-EPA, 5 port Gigabit unmanaged , 2 passthrough PoE

Produktnummer: 10309922

5 port Gigabit unmanaged , 2 passthrough PoE

The SE-5P2-EP-A is an industry first 5 port gigabit switch designed to provide ultimate installation flexibility on projects sites. These FlexPower enabled switches offer the convenience of "Powered by PoE" switches with the additional benefit of passing through enough power to drive additional devices - like touch panels, IP security cameras, and other PoE powered devices. They can also be powered by their included AC adapter for increased flexibility of installation.

This flexible power capability allows the use of a single switch for these two commonly encountered installation scenarios. For installing PoE devices in areas where AC power is limited or not accessible (attics, crawlspaces, access tunnels, behind video monitors, etc.), the switch can provide 2 ports of PoE by using an existing PoE+ source (power injector, or an upstream PoE+ switch). If there is no PoE+ source upstream, the AC adapter can be used to create a small 5 port switch with PoE on 2 ports.

FlexPower Switches are unmanaged gigabit switches built for plug-and-play use. Because there’s no management, setting up a switch is as simple as connecting an Ethernet cable.

Ideal For: 

  • Connecting up to 2 PoE devices and 3 connected devices
  • At the edge or point of use with 2 PoE devices and a PoE+ source upstream
  • Switch placement in locations without access to nearby electrical power


  • Five 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet Ports
  • 2 PoE ports if powered by PoE+
  • FlexPower dual power sources
  • Plug and play installation - no configuration required
  • Easy wall or under-desk mount with included hardware